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Conditions Treated
back pain
hay fever
kidney stones
Plantar Fasciitis
post-herpetic neuralgia
ruptured disc
Trigeminal Neuralgia 
venous insufficiency

​​​Patient Testimonials

​"In April of 2013, I went to the ER with painful kidney stones. A CT scan showed two large stones, 6 mm and 7 mm in size, and numerous smaller stones in my kidneys. To allow them to pass, the Urologist thought he would have to break them apart with a laser. The scan also showed numerous cysts on my liver and right kidney, and a large tumor on the kidney.
Dr. Kitty treated me for kidney stones, and about three hours after the first treatment, I passed the 7 mm kidney stone. After the next treatment at her office, I passed two smaller stones. Dr. Kitty also treated me for the cysts and tumor on the liver and kidneys.
In May 2013, the Urologist ordered a CT scan with contrasts. My family doctor ordered a test for cancer. The results are amazing: there were no kidney stones, no cancer, no tumor, and only one cyst on my liver.  I am grateful that Dr. Kitty's treatment allowed me to avoid surgery and medication. She proves that there is an alternative! I am so grateful for her kindness and support throughout my ordeal.
I came to Dr. Kitty bent over in pain, with sagging skin and listless eyes. Now, I stand up straight, my skin is firm and my eyes are bright. I am beginning to enjoy life again."
--A happy and impressed patient in Pratt, KS

06/21/2015: Low back pain caused by kidney stones started. 
06/22/2015: I went to the emergency room owing to severe pain caused by kidney stones. I had to do something to stop the pain because I was in the middle of harvesting. ER did CAT scan and found a number of stones in my kidneys.  RE then gave me 10 mg of morphine and 8 mg of Zofran (to stop me from throwing up due to the pain) and 3 other prescriptions: 10 mg Toradol, 7.5/325 mg of Morco and 0.4 mg of muscle relaxant. ER told me that those stones would pass in 2 or 3 days and sent me home.
The drugs made me “zoned out," weak, and unsteady. Pain was reduced but it was still quite significant. I went home and continued harvesting despite the pain in the lower back. I tried not to any pills unless I absolutely had to, because I just didn’t like how I felt after taking the pills. Furthermore, it was dangerous for me to work when I felt drugged.
07/02/2015: When wheat harvest was over, I finally went to see Dr. Kitty about the pain. After the first acupuncture treatment, the pain went away, with just an uneasy feeling remaining in the lower back. 
07/03/2015: I had another acupuncture treatment, and I was given the first dose of herbs. I had no more pain, just could feel the stones were still there.
07/07/2015: Dr. Kitty gave me some herbs and no acupuncture. I had no pain.
07/14/2015: I could feel that the stone went to the bladder. Dr. Kitty did acupuncture, and she said I would pass the stone that night.  I passed the stone after 2 or 3 hours, with no trauma and no pain.  Previously, when I passed the other stones without her treatment, I had extreme pain and blood in the urine. 
No drama and no pain, just like Dr. Kitty said!
I will recommend Dr. Kitty to anyone with any kind of stones, and I have been telling everyone who would listen to my story."
--Rick Christensen,  Pratt, KS

"I started going to Dr. Kitty in February for heel pain caused by Plantar Fasciitis. I had been suffering for over a year-and-a half. I had previously been to 2 podiatrists and a chiropractor and had tried everything from cortisol shots, to custom shoe inserts, to a walking boot. I spent hundreds of dollars on shoes, nights splints and pain medication, with no relief. After three sessions of acupuncture with Dr. Kitty, my heel pain was gone! I even stopped wearing my special shoe inserts. No more shots, night splints, or pain medicine. I have been pain free for 3 months!"
--Arica Malone, Pratt, KS

"I began seeing Dr. Kitty after having back surgery for a ruptured disc. My leg was numb and I had foot drop. I had gone through the regular rehab and physical therapy. After a friend told me about Dr. Kitty, I decided to try acupuncture. I was familiar with the treatment and what it could do. Since seeing Dr. Kitty, the numbness in my leg is gone; I am walking normally, and have an overall feeling of well being that I didn't have before. It is amazing, what a treatment that has endured thousands of years can still do today."
--Jackie Houlton RN/MICT, Pratt, KS

"I wanted to write a testimonial to Dr. Kitty after I started seeing her in November 2010. I had been diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) in March 2010 which affects nerves on the right side of my face. The Western doctors had prescribed medicine that made me feel like as if I was in a fog constantly. Needless to say that wasn't acceptable to me. They said I could have a surgery to try to fix the nerves but could be some paralysis to the right side of my face. UNACCEPTABLE. They also told me an option could be acupuncture which I was willing to give it a try - then Dr. Kitty came into my life. What a blessing! I didn't know until after seeing her for the first time that I had been in chronic pain. The first treatment I had with her was such a relief to me and the numbness that I felt was starting to tingle along my right eyebrow. Happy to say now after around 10 treatments, the pain is gone and I once again have feelings back in all my right side of face. Thank you, Dr. Kitty for giving me my NORMAL life back. You are truly a blessing in my life."
--D.T., Pratt, KS

"I had shingles in 2005. Since then I have suffered from post-herpetic neuralgia. The pain ranges from mild to excruciating. This condition has affected every aspect of my life. Acupuncture seemed a “last resort” after many types of prescription and over-the-counter drugs. The results for me were immediate and amazing."
--AL, Pratt, KS

"I came to Dr. Kitty for back pain after back surgery. In the beginning, I will admit I was skeptical of acupuncture. “How could the placement of a few small needles control body functions for the good?” But after 2 years of weekly regular treatments, I can honestly say I am a convinced believer and can tell when I miss a session. I always feel much better physically and mentally after the treatments. I have encouraged others to try acupuncture and would encourage you also. If conventional measures have failed, this might be the answer for you."
--Carol Kneller, Pratt, KS

"It was with apprehension first visited Dr. Kitty. I was immediately put at ease through the welcome I received as I entered the office. Dr. Kitty is a listener. She is interested in you as a person. The purpose for making my original appointment was due to neuropathy in my legs. After my second treatment, the burning in my legs was greatly relieved. I value Dr. Kitty’s expertise, her kind demeanor and concern for her patients."
--ALS, Haviland, KS

"Dr. Kitty was recommended by my daughter for treatment of severe neuropathy in the feetand, as a consequence, I lost my balance and fell constantly. The start of my first treatment was so comfortable. Dr. and her assistants were very warm and showed an understanding of my handicaps! I am doing well at this time and will continue my treatment. My use of pain medication is down compared to a month ago! I would recommend Dr. Kitty to others."
--Norma Bergner, Pratt, KS 

"It was suggested in August 2012 that I start using a cane due to neuropathy that I have endured since August 2006. I was deflated! A friend told me about Dr. Kitty and acupuncture. After several treatments, my pain, tingling and lightening sensations are nearly gone in my feet and I am walking more naturally. Dr. Kitty has energized my body and I am now asking for help with shingles pain that I have since July 2009.
Dr. Kitty is a very kind, caring, knowledgeable person and will take the time to explain. It is amazing what acupuncture can do and she knows the technique.
Thank you, Dr. Kitty for helping me return to a “want to do” life rather than just functioning. My energy level is more like me and I am not “popping another pill”. I just wish you had come into my life earlier."
--S.V., Macksville, KS

"During the summer of 2010, I developed a bad case of tendinitis in my right forearm. The pain was very strong, and never went away. This persisted 24 hours per day, seven days a week, for two years. After progressing from tendinitis to tendinosus and never showing any signs of healing, I was almost without hope. During that time period I received the maximum number of cortisone shots, did physical therapy twice a week for nine months, and had numerous heat and cold therapy sessions. The next step was to be surgery to repair the tendon and lower the pain levels. The doctor’s pain scale was from 1-10, with 10 being the worst pain. I never went less than an 8, except immediately after the cortisone shots.
After being mentally prepared for surgery and having given up hope for an alternative, I was referred to Dr. Kitty Wong Robertson for acupuncture and Chinese medicine techniques. After the first acupuncture treatment my pain was lowered to a 4 on the pain scale. After receiving treatments for a few months my pain is almost entirely gone and only flares up after over-working the arm or intense lifting while at work. Prior to my treatments I had been a skeptic about acupuncture and now I am convinced that Chinese medicine is the most effective non-invasive treatment available today. I would certainly recommend it to anyone who is currently in pain and needing relief. Dr. Kitty Wong Robertson is easy to work with and readily available when she is needed."
--Marcus German, Wichita, KS

"I came to Dr. Kitty suffering from a case of the influenza that I could not get rid of. After treatment my fever was gone and I felt better. The next morning I was well. Bless Dr. Kitty for bringing me back to health."
--Karine Tyrrell, Derby, KS

"In have joined the increasing number of patients who have experienced the powerful effects of Dr. Kitty Wong’s acupuncture treatments. Of course, as one coming to her clinic from the experience of Western medicine, I had at least to be open to the concept of Oriental Medicine as well. In this, I had the support of my primary care physician, Dr. Barbara Cudney who referred me to Dr. Wong.
For the past four and a half years, I had been taking allergy shots for my allergies to grasses, trees and weeds and all the pollen one encounters in caring for their yard. I knew about the nexus of the meridians of the nervous systems of the body. Dr. Wong further explained the concepts of balance and the body’s capacity for self-healing by stimulating or suppressing and thereby actuating very specific points on the meridians to effect profound change in the entire array of body functions.
After her treatment and resting in a pleasantly comfortable setting of soft lighting and tinkling sounds, I felt a new kind of relaxation outside of any willful power that might have happened on my own.  My allergy symptoms eased as well. At the next treatment, I experienced an exceptional rest going into a two-hour sleep on the table! With such a deep relaxation, the effects of Dr. Wong’s treatments were even more profoundly healing.
In subsequent treatments we expanded to new areas: the breath, arthritis, balance and energy all with positive effects. This is dramatic, that one so knowledgeable can so easily affect different body systems with a mere tweak a tiny pin-like needle at just the right depth and angle and yet from what I have experienced in Dr. Wong-Robertson’s practice of this ancient wisdom of the Orient I have found it to be so."
--Donna Wygle, Pratt, Kansas

"Teresa and I have been praying for years for healing or find a cure to my sores for over 15 years. Also continued Prayers from my Family members, our Church, Friends, and thanks Dustin for taking my health concerns to IHOP (International House of Prayer), and the healing power I've received via the Prayer room on the web and attending the Church with you. And all theses prayers are being answered by God through the healing touch and art of Acupuncture at HOM (Heartland Oriental Medicine) by Dr. Kitty Wong-Robertson. Amazing that finally a healing art is working and health insurance would not pay for it.
Some might think I have gone off the deep end or got kicked in the head by that horse again or wonder what I am even talking about. But as you all know, it is not my nature to let everyone know of my health problems, concerns, etc. I tend to hold it all in and not be a "wining little welt", like John Wayne would say.
After 15 years the chronic itching, pain, burning are 99.9% better. I have been to many Doctors, tried thousands of dollars in treatments of medicines, ointments, and shots. Some shots were placed directly into each of the 20 plus sores, and only temporary relief after all that. HOM is tackling these problems and more from the inside out. I've had to change my diet, and do more exercise to aid in the healing.
I have also pain in my left jaw that has been catching and painful to open is gone and I can open it completely now. There is still just a little pain and catch in it, but it feels 99% better now.
There has been a place on the bottom of my left foot that has been bothering me and at times to painful to walk for 3 years now, and is almost gone!!! No pain or swelling.
I just wanted to share this Praise with you, and answered prayers through my Lord Jesus Christ. I still have a few more treatments and then she will put me on a maintenance schedule."
--Joel, KS

"Have you heard of the TV Series Wonder Woman from the past? Dr. Kitty is a Wonder Woman that races around to take good care of everyone that walks thru her doors. I have recommended several friends to Dr. Kitty.
 The first time I came to Dr. Kitty I was battling the shaking in my hands and vertigo. It is hereditary I think because my Mom has the same condition and also my daughter. After a few treatments I was better and now after continuing the treatments I do not have anyone say why are you shaking? I even plan to fly my Mom from Kentucky and get Dr. Kitty to help with her condition. The medical doctor told her to have brain surgery to control the shaking in her hands.  I am not for any surgery of the brain. I have only had one incident with vertigo in the last year since going to Dr. Kitty.
Dr. Kitty has helped me with my stress level this past year and learning to relax and sleep better.  She has helped work on my digestive tract, kidneys, lungs, and heart. She helped control an asthma attack that I had and I do not need the inhaler any longer.  
She is definitely my wellness doctor and she tries to keep my body energized to be able to overcome anything that is going on in my life and my body.  She has worked on my memory, eyes and beauty.  How much more can you ask from your DOCTOR!!!!
I love Dr. Kitty and her good energy she gives me every time I go for an appointment."
--Sue Peachey, Peachey Insurance Agency Owner, Pratt KS  67124, 620-672-3366

"I have Type 2 Diabetes, and because of this I developed neuropathy in my feet and legs. My feet had no feeling and I also suffered from the same condition in my legs. There is no "Magic Pill" for this condition.
My doctor recommended Acupuncture. I came to see Dr. Kitty about 6 months ago. We decided I should come for twice weekly treatments. One of the things that impressed me was how Dr. Kitty explained the history of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine before we started treatment. Within 30 days I had feeling back in my feet and legs. We also worked on some back pain that I no longer have. Because of the success of the treatment, I now only see Dr. Kitty once a week.
Dr. Kitty Wong-Robertson continues to study, learning new treatments to help her patients. She listen to her patient and reads the patient's body. Many times she will tell me, "You are worried about something today." I ask her how she knows that, and she says that my body told her. Amazing.
Going to see Dr. Kitty was one of best decisions I have made for my health."
--Ron Henry, age 70, Wichita, KS

"I met Dr. Kitty after an online search of Wichita Acupuncturists which led me to her website and to a first meeting last fall (Nov 2013).  My original message on the HealthProfs.comwebsite to which Dr. Kitty replied is shown below:

Subject: allergies and weight loss
I have a cousin that lives in Arkansas whose hay fever has been greatly helped by acupuncture. I am interested to see if acupuncture will help me. I have been taking antihistamines but it seems I have to take more and more to get some relief and I am beginning to worry that I am taking too much. Also, I am overweight and even though I try to work out and eat less & better, I am not making any progress. Please contact me about a consultation. I live in Wichita. Thank you

I have had hay fever and other allergies all my life.  In order to sleep comfortably and function in my daily routine, I began to realize that I was taking increasing amounts of antihistamines and other allergy remedies to cope.  I have a cousin who lives in another part of the country who was greatly helped with her allergies by acupuncture and she strongly encouraged me to seek relief via this method which was very unconventional to me.  Additionally, as the years have gone by, my weight has been difficult for me to get control of even though I do exercise and watch what I eat (I can’t remember the last time I ate ice cream!). I emailed Dr. Kitty with all these concerns via her website late on a Friday night and was surprised to receive a personal response in less than 12 hours!  In the email, Dr. Kitty assured me she could help.  That was the first of many comforts she has provided.  Dr. Kitty spent the first 30 minutes of our first appointment explaining how acupuncture works, what her background was and what to expect during the treatments.  It is now three months since I began seeing Dr. Kitty and I have clear sinuses, take antihistamines only once or twice a month for another issue that Dr. Kitty is now working on and I have lost a little weight.  Now that my allergies are under control,weight loss will be the next issue she will focus upon.  I came down with a bad cold recently and she whisked me into a treatment room and began working to fix my congestion issues.  Three days later, I was feeling like a new woman.  Dr. Kitty is an avid listener.  She speaks to me as if I’m the only person she treats even though I know she is busy with lots of patients; running back and forth between Wichita and Pratt.  The atmosphere in her office is soothing.  Her focus is on your comfort and on your overall health.  She has been a wonderful addition to my life and to my health."
--R.F., Wichita, KS

"I am 76 years old and live in Wichita, Kansas. Several years ago, I suffered a fall and broke my back. I had surgery and then went through six weeks of physical therapy. The following year, I began to experience pain in my lower back. After seeing my doctor and undergoing X-rays, MRI’s and CAT Scans, it was determined I had degeneration in my lower spine.
I then started seeing a pain management doctor who gave me injections for the pain. Over the next year, I received several more injections without lasting results.
I then started seeing Dr. Kitty Wong for treatment of lower back pain and anxiety. Because of my fall I suffered several anxiety attacks. I have been seeing Dr. Wong for several months and am very satisfied with the results. I have been able to resume most of my normal activities, which includes walking approximately two miles three times a week. Because of my progress, I will be reducing the number of my appointments and eventually see her on a “need” basis."
--Glenn Gum, Wichita, KS

"Recently I accepted Dr. Kitty’s generous promotion for a series of ten facial rejuvenationtreatments. To say that the results were remarkable does not do justice to the overall improvements I experienced. She offers exceptional value. With each treatment my face and throat appeared increasingly contoured and younger. Each time I could not believe it could get any better. I was so startled I got in the habit of rushing to the mirror, hardly recognizing the new person I was changing into on seeing a new svelte person smiling back at me. The puffiness in my face and throat had subsided; my hair was growing in new colors; strands of dark brown like my mother’s and even hair with a reddish cast like my grandmother’s. The beauty operator asked if I was streaking the grey out of my hair. The worry lines in the forehead disappeared; the coarse pores of the skin were gone. My skin felt soft as a baby’s. As my outer appearance changed and I felt stronger mentally, I also experienced inner healing. I became aware of issues I had been repressing for many years. Aided by Dr. Kitty’s acupuncture and counseling I was able to replace anger with happiness. Thank you, Dr. Kitty."
--Donna Wygle, Pratt, KS

"I have been suffering from peripheral neuropathy in both feet and hands for years.  The last 2 years have been almost unbearable.  Other treatments and various medications have proven to be unsuccessful.  My Neurologist suggested I see an Acupuncture Specialist.  I was referred to Dr. Kitty Wong.  After several treatments I felt significant relief. Dr. Wong is very professional, and I am optimistic that acupuncture may help me greatly.  Because I was diagnosed withneuropathy and venous insufficiency and gout, I am aware that I am a work in progress.  But I remain very hopeful that I can obtain far better results with acupuncture under Dr. Wong's care than I had imagined. I am grateful for her careful expertise."
--Doug Cross, Wichita, KS